Joel D. Berman, President of Credit Insurance International
Joel D. Berman, President

What is Credit Insurance?

Credit insurance is a valuable instrument, utilized by sophisticated entrepreneurs in a business climate where credit decisions are impacted daily by Chapters 7 and 11 bankruptcy proceedings, leveraged-buy-outs (LBOs), delinquencies and disputes.  For the manufacturer, wholesaler, importer, exporter or service provider, credit insurance is a diverse financial tool, which may provide protection against losses due to insolvencies and/or delinquencies. Credit insurance may be the single most important coverage missing from an insurance portfolio!
Savvy Businesses Utilize Credit Insurance for a Multitude of Reasons:

  • ·          Asset protection
  • ·         Credit information and guidance
  • ·         Collateral enhancement
  • ·         Reduced interest costs
  • ·         Increased accessibility to loan funds
  • ·         Accelerated secured business growth

Who is Credit Insurance International Risk Management, Inc.?

Credit Insurance International Risk Management, Inc. (CII), Smithtown, New York is one of the most comprehensive credit insurance specialists in the New York metropolitan area.  CII provides clients with expert advice regarding worldwide export coverage, political risk coverage, and domestic credit insurance options.  These coverages may be purchased either separately, or in combination, whichever best suits the specific requirements of each client.

Credit Insurance International Risk Management, Inc. functions as a


Individual requirements are evaluated and recommendations are made in a thoroughly professional and confidential manner.  Routinely working in close collaboration with bankers, accountants and financial consultants, CII's wide ranging networks facilitate client growth and development. 

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